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HRSG Cleaning

Benefits utilizing the IMPACT system

  • Safe and efficient cleanings
  • Can be used during long and short term outages
  • No scaffolding required
  • Reduced confined space entry
  • No mechanical tube spreading needed
  • No condensation added anywhere to boiler
  • Less downtime to customer
  • Real time visual observation from our remote video station
  • Controlled explosive amount maintains boiler integrity.
  • Deep cleaning results with staggered tube systems
  • Industry leading programmable controlled detonators
  • and speed to provide better cleaning results
  • Improves back pressure results
  • Improves heat transfer resulting in reduced operating costs
PBI service

Precision Blasting’s New Explosive Technology

Precision Blasting. Inc. (PBI) is excited to offer the newest technology available for cleaning HRSG boilers. PBI has developed a proprietary technology to remove the fouling from the interior finned tubes of HRSG boilers. Called IMPACT, this new technology was developed by industry professionals within the Explosives technology sector and results in a safe and efficient cleaning process.  

 (PBI) provides an experienced crew to operate multiple automated beam systems that are designed to hang and retract from the top boiler penetrations. Scaffolding the firebox is not necessary. Set up time is minimal and operating time is based on the amount of fouling. 

The explosive shots are carefully managed under a controlled environment scenario with specific charges being fired at pre-determined, sequential times to remove the fouling safely and efficiently. This controlled concussion is extremely safe and manageable. Once the cleaning operation is completed, vacuum removal of the accumulated debris can be removed from the floor of the boiler. 

At the completion of the cleaning process, the boiler is safely returned to the owner, providing measurable benefits and better efficiencies. 

PBI’s IMPACT system. The cleaner, safer, smarter solution.  Call 606-836-2600 for more information and details.   

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