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"ON-LINE" DESLAGGING can be effective in the following boiler areas: ash extractors, hoppers, lower slopes, walls, burners, bull noses, superheaters, reheaters, and other tube assemblies. Applications in other vessels or constructs, include baghouses, precipitators and scrubbers. A critical factor in determining whether or not this application may be effective is the access point in relation to the area to be cleaned.

Typically this application uses either small binary charges or charges using detonating cord. One of the advantages of the detonating cord system is that it may be placed in flue gas lanes in tube assemblies. This is accomplished by inserting the detonating cord and detonator in a disposable tube which is attached to swivel device. The swivel device allows the tube to be rotated 360 degrees.

"OFF-LINE" DESLAGGING can begin when the ambient air temperature of the vessel being cleaned is at or below 300 degrees Fahrenheit. We use both electric and non-electric initiation systems in conjunction with binaries and detonating cord. In some instances we use 12-gauge shotguns with appropriate shot size to remove smaller clinkers.

For assistance in evaluating your particular application, do not hesitate to contact us at 606-836-2600 for a prompt personal response.

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