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We Are A Highly Experienced Industrial Explosives Provider

Since 1984, PBI - Precision Blasting Inc. and its predecessors have been solely engaged in providing industrial cleaning services with the controlled use of explosives for heavy industries throughout America. Heavy industries like utilities, ore processors, pulp and paper mills, waste to energy facilities and refineries have realized the many benefits that Precision Blasting Inc. brings to the table: Qualified personnel, timely response, safe operations, multiple applications and goal oriented.

If you are looking for a safe, effective and efficient way to remove hardened materials, either for safety reasons or production reasons, then do not hesitate to contact us for a considered analysis.

Our Mission

For over 38 years PBI - Precision Blasting, Inc. has been the leader in providing industrial blasting services through the controlled use of explosives.

We will continue to be the leader by providing our customers with a responsive workforce with the safest working environment that stimulates innovation, team work, continuous learning and improvement and rewards individual performance.

Our Vision

It is very important for PBI - Precision Blasting Inc, to understand the goals and objectives that each of our customers expects to realize. The matrix would include safety, production and coordination with ongoing activities of the customer and its contractors. Careful evaluation of shared goals will lead to optimal production.

Our Values

Simply put, we want each and every one of our employees to return home in just as good total health as when they came to work.  We scrutinize each process of our many activities, which include loading and unloading, driving, preparing explosive materials, and using explosives just to name a few, in order to establish best practices to ensure the employee’s health.
We realize that in our work environment there are other activities involving either plant personnel or other contractors which may be impacted by our operations.  Careful consideration is given to these situations in order to establish procedures which will minimize their exposure to our activities and whereby our work will be accomplished in a safe, efficient and workmanlike manner.

In conformity with Department of Homeland Security, Department of Transportation, and other federal , state, and local regulators practices have been established to protect the safety of the general population.

As a provider of services, our responsibilities include:
Complying with Federal, State and local regulations regarding the purchase, transportation, storage and use of explosives
Responding in a timely manner
Providing well qualified personnel
Performing work consistently to accepted standards
Providing a work environment for our employees that offers self-actualization, fair compensation and benefits, and that rewards individual performance.

It might seem trite or trivial but we really do believe in and practice the old adage “Honesty is the best policy”. 
In working with people, whether they are customers, employees, vendors, public officials or the public, if there are any issues to be resolved we deal with them straightforward and in a timely manner.
There is also the “integrity of our working environment”…. Which we consider extremely important.  Our processes and practices are formulated to protect that environment whether we are interfacing with a customer or the general public.

As a leading provider of industrial explosive services for cleaning vessels for over 25 years, we are focused and committed to this market.  Our services may be further categorized into three applications:
High Temperature Blasting
Conventional blasting
Remote video recording of vessel interiors, even in a high temperature environment.

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Years of Experience

Our PBI Team

Of paramount importance to any service company is its personnel and their dedication to their craft. Our key people each have over 40 years in managing and operating a company dedicated to industrial cleaning with explosives


Pres & Owner of Precision Blasting, Inc.
In 1984, Dan was involved in the establishment and operation of the predecessor company to Precision Blasting Inc. Dan has also held roles of Branch Manager, Regional Manager, District Manager, President, and VP of Operations for a large National Industrial Service provider. He has privately owned and operated Precision Blasting, Inc. the second oldest Industrial explosives company in the United States since 1997.


General Manager
Mike is the General Manager of Precision Blasting, Inc. Throughout his 38-year career, he has held a variety of positions within the company. Starting with Technician and progressing to Supervisor, Superintendent, Branch Manager into his current role as GM.  Mike provides leadership through his customer experiences with expertise in fossil, Waste to Energy, and Biomass Power Generation along with Refining and Chemical Manufacturing workplaces. Mike’s focus is on the development of new, safer technologies within the industry and to consistently maintain a safe and professional work environment for our employees.


Branch Manager
Tim is the Branch Manager of our Valdosta Georgia facility. He spent six years in the US Army as a Combat Engineer training in various types of explosives. Tim joined Precision Blasting as a Technician and has progressed into the current Branch Manager position. Tim has 40 years of customer experience working in a variety of Industrial environments such as Power Generation, Refineries, Ore Processing and Chemical Manufacturing. His strong leadership skills have allowed him to provide successful cleaning of various types of boilers, hoppers, tanks, and vessels.  


Branch Manager
Chris is the Branch Manager of the Bath Pennsylvania facility. Chris joined Precision Blasting as a Technician in 1999 and has progressed into his current Branch Manager position. Chris has 22- years of solid customer relationship experience working in a variety of Industrial environments such as Power Generation, Refineries, and Chemical Manufacturing. His leadership skills have allowed him to provide successful cleaning of various types of Fossil fuels, Waste to Energy and Biomass boilers, hoppers, tanks, and various other vessels.  


Sam is responsible for the Operations support of Precision Blasting, Inc. Sam served in the US Army and started with Precision Blasting in 2003. He has performed numerous boiler, hopper, tank, and vessel cleaning projects throughout his 19-year career. He has expertise with a variety of Fossil and Waste to Energy Power Generation customers.


Operations Superintendent
Phil is the Operations Superintendent at our Valdosta Georgia facility. He has provided excellent leadership and customer service while performing numerous boiler, hopper, tank, and vessel cleaning projects throughout his 27-year career. He has focused expertise in the Fossil, Waste to Energy, and Biomass Power Generation industry across our service area.  


Business Development
John is responsible for the Business Development functions of Precision Blasting, Inc. In his 35-year career, Mr. Weichold has held numerous positions within two large National Industrial Services and Waste Management companies. Starting at the Field Technician level and progressing to Purchasing Manager, Maintenance Manager and DOT/Transportation Manager. He has also held numerous positions in Operations such as Field Supervisor, Branch Manager, Division Manager and Area Operations Manager. In addition to this he has previously performed roles in Sales such as Area, Regional, National Sales Manager, Corporate Account Manager and VP Business Development. John’s focus is on providing a quality customer experience.  


We Are A Highly Experienced Explosive Cleaning Service. Feel Free To Contact Us