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SCR Cleaning Services

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SCR Cleaning Services

Precision Blasting. Inc. (PBI) is excited to offer the newest technology available in automated SCR module cleaning. PBI has developed a proprietary technology to remove the fouling from the interior of SCR modules. This new technology called Air Washing was developed by industry professionals within the Explosives technology sector and results in a safe and efficient cleaning process.  

 (PBI) provides an experienced crew to operate an automated beam system that is designed to hang and retract from the top boiler penetrations. Scaffolding the inlet and outlet sections of the SCR Modules is not necessary. Set up time is minimal and operating time is based on the amount of fouling. 

Once installed, our beam retracts and indexes across the face of the cold side outlet SCR with a high volume of controllable dry compressed air. This removes fugitive dust materials left on the exterior face and within the interior of the module. The air volume and speed of the indexing operation is completely programmable. PBI installs coverings which controls fugitive dust from escaping throughout the boiler sections. Once the cleaning operation is completed, vacuum removal of the debris can be performed by others. 

At the completion of the cleaning process, the boiler is safely returned to the owner, providing measurable benefits and better efficiencies. 

PBI’s IMPACT system. The cleaner, safer, smarter solution. Call 606-836-2600 for more information and details.  

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