Our Values


Simply put, we want each and every one of our employees to return home in just as good total health as when they came to work.  We scrutinize each process of our many activities, which include loading and unloading, driving, preparing explosive materials, and using explosives just to name a few, in order to establish best practices to ensure the employee’s health.

We realize that in our work environment there are other activities involving either plant personnel or other contractors which may be impacted by our operations.  Careful consideration is given to these situations in order to establish procedures which will minimize their exposure to our activities and whereby our work will be accomplished in a safe, efficient and workmanlike manner.

In conformity with Department of Homeland Security, Department of Transportation, and other federal , state, and local regulators practices have been established to protect the safety of the general population.


As a provider of services, our responsibilities include:

  • Complying with Federal, State and local regulations regarding the purchase, transportation, storage and use of explosives
  • responding in a timely manner
  • providing well qualified personnel
  • performing work consistently to accepted standards
  • providing a work environment for our employees that offers self actualization, fair compensation and benefits, and that rewards individual performance.


It might seem trite or trivial but we really do believe in and practice the old adage “Honesty is the best policy”. 

In working with people, whether they are customers, employees, vendors, public officials or the public, if there are any issues to be resolved we deal with them straightforward and in a timely manner.

There is also the “integrity of our working environment”…. Which we consider extremely important.  Our processes and practices are formulated to protect that environment whether we are interfacing with a customer or the general public.


As a leading provider of industrial explosive services for cleaning vessels for over 25 years, we are focused and committed to this market.  Our services may be further categorized into three applications:

  • High Temperature Blasting
  • Conventional blasting
  • Remote video recording of vessel interiors, even in a high temperature environment.